Sunday, January 20, 2019

On Tuesday 15th January 2019, the day of the Brexit vote I was asked to do an interview for BBC Radio 5 about the cultural possibilities of Brexit, but I got spiked apparently due to time constraints. One of the odd things that came about from it is that the BBC like to do their interviews via Facetime and they were surprised  that I didn't own an Apple Iphone ( I have a 4 year old Samsung ). They had to make a special arrangement to accommodate my landline, but the interview didn't transpire so that was that......A day later I got a call from a Swedish radio station called Severiges Radio asking about the same thing. I spoke to them for about twenty minutes of which they used about two minutes mashed together.  See here. Some of the text got lost in translation as well and it seems the phrase 'Brexitanh√§ngare' (Brexitan Hangers) has been introduced into the language as a result to describe people who are reluctant to admit they voted out in the Referendum.

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Friday, May 05, 2017

"What is it about my smiling face that's some look at Golly and think of race? 
For when all is said and done I am just a toy to give you fun. 
I mean no harm and do love all, black or white big or small. 
It's the year 2000 so surely it's time for narrow minded people to open their eyes. 
I am just like a Teddy and love a cuddle, it makes me sad that people are still in a muddle."

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